Freezing: Zero. Manga Volumes


Volume Chapters Title Publication date ISBN Summary
Volume 1
1 - 5 Kazuha Aoi 2012-09-04 ISBN 978-4799203040 Kazuha Aoi's enrolment as a second-year at West Genetics, background on the Nova, Pandoras, E-Pandoras, Valkyries, Chevalier, Seiga Heavy Industries, L. Bridget family, and the revelation of the High End Skills.
Volume 2
6 - 10 Arnett McMillan 2013-02-27 ISBN 978-4799203903 Covers the Arnett McMillan Arc and Elizabeth Mably Arc. The former arc describes Arnett McMillan's decision to become a Pandora and her family background. The following arc describes Elizabeth Mably's six weeks of brutal training before becoming part of the 28th Generation of West Genetics Pandora.
Volume 3
11 - 14 Elizabeth Mably 2013-06-27 ISBN 978-4799204429 Covers the first half of the 28th Class Arc. The Arc relays the origin of Arnett McMillan's derogatory title "Mad Dog" as well as her training days. The volume also covers the 2063 Freshman Carnival.
Volume 4
Freezing Zero Volume 4 Cover
15 -18 Miyabi Kannazuki 2013-11-29 ISBN 978-4-7992-0509-9 Covers the second half of the 28th Class Arc. The volume begins with the end the 2063 Freshman Carnival and features contents of the main chapter "Those Who Make the Rules."
Volume 5
Freezing Zero Volume 5 Cover
19-22 Amelia Evans 2014-03-29 Covers the Amelia Evans Arc, which introduces Amelia's sickly brother and her journey toward becoming an E-Pandora.
Volume 6
23-26 Cassie Lockheart 2014-07-26 Covers the Sister Margaret Arc, which shows Margaret fighting as a Chevalier during an earlier Nova Clash, and the Cassie Lockheart Arc, which shows the brutal battle between her and Satellizer L. Bridget at East Genetics.
Volume 7
Freezing Zero Volume 7 Cover
27-30 Chiffon Fairchild 2014-12-25 Covers the Lab 13 Arc, where the birth of Chiffon is revealed, along with her relationship with young Aureriel Fairchild, and how it shaped her decades later.
Volume 8
Freezing Zero Volume 8 Cover
31-34 Franka Porsche 2015-03-27 Covers the Valkyrie Arc, where the gathering of the five Valkyries is revealed.

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