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Freezing volume 26
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Freezing Volume 26 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 026Edit

Original Japanese edition


Isuzu Sawatari and Amelia Evans briefly duel, but Amelia stops attacking, for she gave Su-Na Lee the time to assume the Legendary Stigmata System. With the system, Su-Na regenerates her hands and prepares to kill Isuzu, who is terrified. As Su-Na and Isuzu fight, the LSS gives Su-Na the ability to use the Illusion Turn and with it, she severs Isuzu's arms. Following Su-Na's victory, Gengo and his associates board a helicopter to West Genetics and he explains the power source of the Stigmata.

Though Lucy had severed Teslad's arm, the rouge Pandora fights faster and harder, beginning to edge out against Lucy. Rana Linchen, however, begins to overwhelm Windy May, but she begins to succumb to the Nova's message to destroy.

With Kazuya's Freezing, Cassandra is freed from the Nova's influence and she begins battling them. Though she manages to kill one of the Pandora-Type Nova, the others' combined assaults slowly destroy Cassandra's body.


The volume features 7 chapters and covers Part I of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 176
Chapter 176
Comeback 13th Nova Clash Arc Sawatari Isuzu duels Amelia Evans in order to kill Gengo Aoi. The Buster is briefly pushed back, before Su-Na Lee rises to put an end to her rivalry with the Japanese assasin. Elsewhere, Satellizer is captured by Cassandra and ensnared by the Nova, with Kazuya leaping to save her.
Chapter 177
Chapter 177
Simulacrum 13th Nova Clash Arc Upon contact with Kazuya's FreezingCassandra is freed from the Nova's influence. She begins battling the Nova, with Kazuya joining in as well. When they two cross Freezing fields, Kazuya is showed a memory of Cassandra caring for him as an infant. 
Chapter 178
Chapter 178
Created Existences 13th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen vs. Windy May Aoi / Lucy Aoi vs. Teslad Aoi
Chapter 179
Chapter 179
Illusion I 13th Nova Clash Arc As Su-Na Lee duels Isuzu Sawatari in order to protect Gengo Aoi, the latter explains the true nature of Illusion Turn to Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans
Chapter 180
Chapter 180 Cover
Illusion II 13th Nova Clash Arc When Isuzu Sawatari draws out more power from her Plasma Stigmata, Su-Na Lee severs her arms defeating her. Unable to cope with defeat, Isuzu lectures and berates Su-Na on the true nature of Pandora, which Su-Na admits is being the perfect killing machine.
Chapter 181
Chapter 181
Soul 13th Nova Clash Arc Gengo Aoi and his associates board a helicopter to West Genetics to awaken Maria Lancelot; during the trip, he explains the true nature of the Stigmata to his companions. Lucy is quickly losing ground against her sister Teslad, just as Rana Linchen begins pushing Windy May back.
Chapter 182
Chapter 182 Cover
Sacrifice 13th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen begins to overwhelm Windy May Aoi, but she also begins to give in the call of her Stigmata that beckons her to destroy. Meanwhile, Cassandra Aoi continues battling against the Nova and her body is slowly destroyed.



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