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Volume 20
61RAnLR88UL. SY300
Featured Character Cassandra
Release date 2013-07-27
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Freezing Volume 20 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


While Ticy Phenyl has achieved Transcendence, the Nova commander has brutally defeated Roxanne Elipton and it forces her into Assimilation-Type Nova Form while inducing Transcendence. Satellizer, Rana, and Arnett fight Nova Roxanne, but Charles pleads for them not to kill her. The pleas reach Roxanne who turns back long enough to say her farewells and self-destruct. Devastated by their comrade's death, the girls fight the Nova Commander, whose strength reminds them of the Monster Chiffon Fairchild. With Rana and Arnett as distractions Satellizer reaches the fasted Accel to date with her Transcendent abilities and manages to take the Nova's head in a perfectly timed attack that unfortunately leaves her incapacitates. Despite her efforts, the Nova regenerates a new head and it proceeds to cut down Arnett McMillan and sever Rana's hands. As the Nova turns its attention to Satellizer and Rana, they are all saved by the arrival of a strangely jovial newcomer Windy May. Meanwhile, scores of saurian Novas are being destroyed by Legendary Pandora Cassandra and Teslad while it is revealed that Lucy Renault and Chiffon were actually a Legendary Pandora all along.


This volume contains 7 chapters and covers Part IV of 12th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 134
Chapter 134 Cover
Violated 12th Nova Clash Arc Ticy and Elizabeth move to help more fallen Pandora. Roxanne is brutally defeated by the Nova Commander, and it begins to torture her.
Chapter 135
Chapter 135 Cover
The Immortal Pandora 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer, Rana, Arnett, Charles, and Kazuya reach Roxanne who has transcended but has been forced into Assimilation-Type Nova Form. Rana battles Roxanne and takes her arm in a massive blow.
Chapter 136
Chapter 136 Cover
A Cry from the Soul 12th Nova Clash Arc Rana continues battling Roxanne. Charles reflects on her actions toward Amelia Evans and Gina Papleton at the Alaska Base. She cries for Rana to save Roxanne, and her plea returns Roxanne to normal, but the American Pandora shatters her own body to stop herself from harming her comrades any further. Rana and Satellizer burst into a frenzy.
Chapter 137
Chapter 137 Cover
Difference in Strength 12th Nova Clash Arc Rana, Satellizer, Arnett, and Charles are helpless against the Nova Commander, who cuts down Satellizer first then Rana while Charles is nearly the Commander's next slave.
Chapter 138
Chapter 138 Cover
Light Speed Bullet 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer transcends a Sextuple Accel and decapitates the Nova Commander, but it generates a new head. Explosions are seen across the training ground.
Chapter 139
Chapter 139 Cover
Guardians 12th Nova Clash Arc Scores of "Humanoid" Nova are being obliterated by the Legendary Pandora, who have been reawakened. The Nova Commander attacks Arnett.
Chapter 140
Chapter 140 Cover
Legends 12th Nova Clash Arc Arnett and Rana have been defeated by the Nova Commander. When Satellizer and Kazuya are about to be killed, Windy May arrives on the battlefield, and the five Legendary Pandora are revealed and introduced, one of the being Lucy Renault and another being Chiffon Fairchild.



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