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Volume 17
Featured Character Christine Evora
Release date 2013-01-29
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Freezing Volume 17 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


After Rana foils Satellizer’s attempt to get intimate with Kazuya, the two girls agree to ally against Ouka as a love rival. Meanwhile, Ouka Tenjouin trains against a Type-S Dummy Nova, activating her Plasma Textures that allow her to withstand the Nova's whips unharmed. After the brief exercise, she recalls a conversation with Gengo Aoi about the Valkyries being potentially stronger than the Pandora with the Plasma Textures, but she wonders why Gengo did not give this technology to the Valkyries. The next day, Atsuko Seiga of Seiga Industries arrives with Faylan Generators, which power not only the Valkyrie’s Plasma Weapons but also the dummy Novas to be used in upcoming the training exercise between West Genetics and Platoon 13.

Since the Charles Bonaparte's attack on Attia Simmons, Platoon 13 has been receiving backlash from the envious student body. When Kazuya ponders on the recent developmens, she spots Lucy staring at the moon on top of a building. Lucy comes down to Kazuya's level and after she stares at him awkwardly, she tells Kazuya is her "sister" along with Kazuha, Chiffon, and three other unknown women: Cassandra, Windy May, and Teslad. Kazuya fails to understand Lucy or her explanation about the true purpose of the Nova, leading Lucy to transfer a multitude of memories about Maria Lancelot and the Nova into Kazuya by kissing him. Kazuya collapses from the experience and Ouka rushed to his aid while Lucy retreats into the night.

The training exercies begins with Roxanne Elipton, Ticy Phenyl, Arnett McMillan, and Miyabi Kannazuki has team leaders to fight against six dummy Novas. After Ouka destroys one of the Nova's core, the Nova strange sound and frequency that resonates with the Pandoras, causing illusions of being taunted and attacked as black smog spreads throughout the training grounds. Rana sees an illusion of her deceased sister, Satellizer is attacked by the illusion of Kazuha Aoi, who severs Satellizer's arm and leg in a might attack, and Ticy experiences the terrifying visage of Chiffon Fairchild. Roxanne and Charles are able to dispel their illusion by reducing the synchrony of their Stigmata. Gengo authorizes the Valkyries to use the Plasma Weapons on the dummy Novas they are unaffected by the "Voice of the Nova."


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering the final part of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc and Part I of 12th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 113 Were You Waiting for Me Valkyrie Introduction Arc Satellizer and Kazuya attempt to have sex but they are stopped by Rana. Ouka begins to test her Plasma Textures.
Chapter 114
Chapter 114 Cover
Plasma Weapon Valkyrie Introduction Arc Ouka fights a dummy Nova and tests the time limit of her Plasma Texture. There is a flashback where she is talking to Gengo, who reveals the Valkyries have the potential to exceed the Pandora with this new power. However, Ouka asks herself why Gengo did not give this power to the Pandora. Atsuko Seiga arrives with the Faylan Generators
Chapter 115
Chapter 115 Cover
Maria Valkyrie Introduction Arc The chapter begins with a flashback of when Gengo first encountered Maria, who old him of the incoming threat of the Nova. Gengo believes Kazuya will have to know about his true heritage very soon. Platoon 13 is volleyed with slander across West Genetics, and Kazuya is approached by Lucy Renault, who finally begins to speak.
Chapter 116
Chapter 116 Cover
Joint Exercise I Valkyrie Introduction Arc Lucy Renault discusses communication with the Nova with Kazuya Aoi. She then kisses him, transferring some her memories to him. Ouka Honda appears and tends to her cousin, who's fallen. Ouka talks to Kazuya about the mysteriousness of Lucy. The joint-training exercise begins.
Chapter 117
Chapter 117 Cover
Joint Exercise II 12th Nova Clash Arc The joint-training exercise begins with the Pandora divided into four teams and combating eight dummy Nova's. When one of the dummies are destroyed, it emits a strange sensation.
Chapter 118
Chapter 118 Cover
Alas I 12th Nova Clash Arc The Faylan Generators begin to malfunction and they resonate with the Pandora, and Gengo predicts the Pandora will begin to be mentally affected. Atsuko Seiga's plan to defeat Gengo is slowly crumbling.
Chapter 119
Chapter 119 Cover
Alas II 12th Nova Clash Arc The resonating dummies begin to affect the Pandora, as they succumb to a black fog, which begins attacking them; even the personnel at the headquarters does not know how to respond to the situation. Rana Linchen begins fighting her deceased sister, and Satellizer L. Bridget is seemingly attacked by Kazuha Aoi, which ends with her arm and leg cut off. Ticy Phenyl witnesses a visage of Chiffon Fairchild. As all is thrown into chaos.
Chapter 120
Chapter 120 Cover
Alas III 12th Nova Clash Arc The situation has escalated to a full Nova Clash. In the midst of the chaos, the World-Ranked Pandora learn the black smoke illusions are fears manifested by the high synch-rate on the Stigmata, which can stopped by simply lowering one's stigma synchrony or losing one's stigma. As headquarters personnel begin to evacuate, Gengo Aoi stays behind to begin the Pandora Plan. The Valkyries, not having Stigmata, are unaffected by the anomalies, so Gengo allows his Valkyries to activate their Plasma Weapons to confront the dummy Nova.



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