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Volume 16
Featured Character Ouka Tenjouin
Release date 2012-11-02
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Freezing Volume 16 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


Platoon 13 begins their training with Su-Na forcing everyone to run thirty laps with the Pandora unable to use their Stigmata. As the team is formed, they begin recieving special treatment from West Genetics, recieving new uniforms while attending different classes. The West Genetics student body begins to feel inferior, but academy leaders Arnett McMillan and Ticy Phenyl do not want to start unnecessary conflict. Within Platoon 13, the Valkyries refuse to mingle with the Pandora, and Charles Bonaparte does not want to interact with her Pandora teammates because they (except for Roxanne) betrayed the world by aiding in the E-Pandora Rebellion, but Satellizer pledges not to betray her. During one of the night, Attia and Charles cross each other they argue over their opinions on Elizabeth Mably, her beliefs, and her actions during the E-Pandora Project, which escalates to fighting where Attia is severely injured, and Charles is detained. Meanwhile Satellizer meets Gengo Aoi, who knows more about her than she would have guessed, and both Satellizer and Kazuya learn that Su-Na Lee is Gengo's maid. Kazuya stays over at his grandfather's home and he still resents Gengo for what he believes was his role in Kazuha's death. When Gengo gets drunk, Su-Na takes him aside, and Kazuya looks through a family album in which he is surprised to see Chiffon Fairchild in an old photo.

When Charles is released from her two-day detainment, the remaining members of Team Arnett attack world ranked Pandora Cassie Lockheart and Roxanne Elipton in order to get to Charles. Arnett and Charles battle 1-on-1 with Arnett pushing Charles more than Elizabeth had, but their fight is interrupted by Satellizer intervenes, resulting in disappointment from both Charles and Arnett. Ticy arrives to end the battle permanently and threatens Charles that she will personally punish her if she were to act out of line again. Afterwards, Roxanne supports Charles, while Kazuya comforts Satellizer, who is worried that her friendships with Charles and Arnett have fallen apart.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering Part II of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 105
Chapter 105 Cover
Causes of Breaking I Valkyrie Introduction Arc Platoon 13 begin their training, and Satellizer is revealed to have a weaker constitution compared to her new comrades. The students of West Genetics begin to feel inferior to the members of Platoon 13, but neither Ticy Phenyl nor Arnett McMillan, the school's leaders, wish to respond rashly. Charles refuses to cooperate with her comrades of Platoon 13 outside of the battlefield.
Chapter 106
Chapter 106 Cover
Causes of Breaking II Valkyrie Introduction Arc Charles refuses to trust, Cassie, Satellizer, and Rana due to their actions on Alaska, but she offers them the chance to redeem themselves in her eyes. Attia confronts Charles Bonaparte about Elizabeth Mably. After a battle of words a beliefs, the two girls deploy their Volt Weapons
Chapter 107
Chapter 107 Cover
Causes of Breaking III Valkyrie Introduction Arc Nobuhiro Seiga and Atsuko Seiga plot to dethrone Gengo Aoi. Charles as thoroughly defeated Attia, but she refuses to give up and make Charles apologize. Charles responds by putting her in critical condition, earning Arnett's silent wrath.
Chapter 108
Chapter 108 Cover
A Grandfather's Thoughts Valkyrie Introduction Arc Charles has been detained for her actions against Attia, and Team Arnett must wait to move until she is released. Satellizer meets Gengo Aoi, who knows much about her and approves of her relationship to Kazuya.
Chapter 109
Chapter 109 Cover
Old Memories Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya still holds resentment toward his grandfather of Kazuha's death. Kazuya discovers a little about Gengo's past through a picture forty years ago, which features Chiffon Fairchild with her eyes open and long hair. Charles is released from detainment, is approached by Creo Brand and Ingrid Bernstein.
Chapter 110
Chapter 110 Cover
A Risky Situation I Valkyrie Introduction Arc Charles Bonaparte is released from her confinement, and Team Arnett McMillan attacks her before being intercepted by Cassie Lockheart and Roxanne Elipton. Arnett dispatches them and engages with Charles until they are stopped bySatellizer L. Bridget.
Chapter 111
Chapter 111 Cover
A Risky Situation II Valkyrie Introduction Arc Satellizer L. Bridget stops Charles Bonaparte and Arnett McMillan from fighting, which results in Arnett threatening her. Arnett moves to attack Charles, but Satellizer keeps intercepting her. Arnett and Charles soon re-engage, however, until Ticy Phenyl stops the match for good.
Chapter 112
Chapter 112 Cover
Unsolicited Valkyrie Introduction Arc Roxanne talks to Charles about her emotions, inferiority complex, and recent actions, inappropriate for someone of her status and power. Charles is initially unreceptive until Roxanne points out that Pandora need to look out for each other, leaving Charles in tears.



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