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Volume 14
Freezing vol14
Featured Character Ticy Phenyl
Release date 2012-04-27
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Freezing Volume 14 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


Roxanne Elipton and her small team manage to defeat all of the Type-Maria clones unscathed. At that time, Chiffon Fairchild continues communication with Amelia, trying to make her understand that causing all of this destruction will not save her friends. Chiffon reasons that since they are both not human then Amelia should not need to punish the pitiable creatures. Despite Chiffon's efforts, Amelia's hatred is too great and she resolves to self-destruct. The Pandora quickly retreat to take shelter, and Chiffon stays out and says goodbye to her friends. Nova Amelia explodes but Chiffon confines the nuclear explosion, sacrificing herself in the process. Chiffon's body dissolves and upon death she releases strange particles of light that heals the Pandora, revives the E-Pandora and neutralizes the effects of the Mark IV.

Following the 11th Nova Clash, Scarlett Ohara and Marks Spencer are held responsible for the clash. In addition, Ohara's legs are crushed and they risk amputation. Due to André Francoise's injuries following his and Elizabeth's battle against Charles Bonaparte, Elizabeth takes a break from being a Pandora, leaving the student council president position open at West Genetics and believing Ticy Phenyl to be the next best person to take the office of president. However, Arnett McMillan puts her name in the hat as well making her and Ticy rivals for the position. Instead of the general election that was held between Elizabeth and Chiffon, Arnett and Ticy decide to duel as Pandora. In the battle, Arnett pulls out No-Interval Triple Accel and Satellizer's Accel-Tempest but Ticy, showcasing a new hairstyle in honor of Chiffon, defeats Arnett with her own version of Illusion Turn, and announces she will be stricter than ever as president, drawing Part I of Freezing to a close.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering the conclusion of the 11th Nova Clash Arc and the Student Presidency Duel Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 89
Chapter 089 Cover
Heart to Heart 11th Nova Clash Arc Roxanne Elipton's group defeats the Type-Maria clones.
Chiffon Fairchild communicates with Amelia Evans' consciousness inside the Nova.
Chapter 90
Chapter 090 Cover
Friends 11th Nova Clash Arc Cassie Lockheart deals the killing blow on the Type-S Nova
Unable to defeat Chiffon, Amelia Evans aims to self-destruct.
Chapter 91
Chapter 091 Cover
The Meaning of that Smile 11th Nova Clash Arc Nova-fied Amelia Evans explodes but the explosion is contained by Chiffon Fairchild at the cost of her life.
Chapter 92
Chapter 092 Cover
What She Left Behind 11th Nova Clash Arc After the explosion Amelia's body is recovered and there was no sign of Mark IV in her and the others E-Pandora's.
Scarlett Ohara was found under debris and her legs were found to be beyond recovery.
André Françoise looses his eyesight and Elizabeth Mably retires.
Chapter 93
Chapter 093 Cover
A Time for Change I Student Presidency Duel Arc Pandora's start returning to their bases.
Failure of E-Pandora Project was made public damaging Chevalier's reputation.
Elizabeth Mably informs her West Genetics team-mates about the decision through Attia Simmons. Arnett McMillan and Ticy Phenyl aim to become Student Council President.
Chapter 94
Chapter 094 Cover
A Time for Change II Student Presidency Duel Arc As proposed by Ticy, the fight to determine the student council president starts.
Chapter 95
Chapter 095 Cover
A Time for Change III Student Presidency Duel Arc Arnett McMillan vs. Ticy Phenyl
After a short battle, Ticy defeats Arnett with the Illusion Turn.
Chapter 96
Chapter 096 Cover
A Time for Change IV Student Presidency Duel Arc Ticy becomes the top ranked junior and student council president. She announces that she will enforce ranking hierarchy more strictly and make West Genetics the best.
Arnett McMillan and the others decide to monitor Ticy's actions.

Storyline I of Freezing ends.



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