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Volume 12
Featured Character Chiffon Fairchild
Release date 2011-10-27
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Freezing Volume 12 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


At the beginning of the Volume, Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, and Amelia Evans are continue their rebellion against Chevalier by defeating several Pandora quite easily. They are met by more soldiers until the arrival of Chiffon Fairchild and Eugene, who then approaches them, with the intent to end their rebellion. Satellizer refuses to back down regardless of Chiffon's rank and status. Despite knowing that they are about to fight, Chiffon promises Satellizer that she won't be needing her full power to defeat her.

André Françoise continues to use his Freezing to stop Charles Bonaparte and her clones during Elizabeth Mably's battle against the world-ranked Pandora. Elizabeth demands André to stop but he tells her that he has no intention of stopping, never wanting to see her lose. Despite Charles' warning about Andre risking death, Elizabeth accepts her limiter's help and tries to finish Charles with a volley of lasters, Charles is able to activate her new and improved Pandora Mode and survive the attack unscathed. Charles has activated the Vital Sigma-Type Pandora Mode, a new, stronger Pandora Mode offered only to the world-ranked Pandora. Elizabeth continues to attack and Charles pierces Elizabeth with her Volt Weapon drawing blood and causing her to collapse after another failed attack. Charles expresses doubt about Elizabeth's Noblisse Oblige as the story cuts to Charles' childhood in a flashback.

In the flashback we see that Charles was orphaned was orphaned and forced to steal to survive. After stealing a wallet she is harassed by some older street thugs who take the wallet from her. A slightly younger Marks Spencer arrives on the scene explaining that he is the owner of the wallet. The boys try to get a finder's fee for the wallet, but Marks pulls a gun on them and fires at the ground, disgusted the thugs believe thy are obligated for welfare and for people to cater to them. The boys flee and Charles collapses in the snow. Marks takes Charles in as his daughter and he would tell Charles that she has the gift to become a Pandora. Some time passes with Charles enjoying her new life while Marks watches over her with a worried look. He discovers that Charles is a potential prodigy and compatible with the Heroic Stigmata. He reluctantly asks Charles to become a Pandora as well as informing her of a project that may result in many casualties if the innocent for the betterment of mankind. It is this moment that Charles adopts her ideology of sacrificing the few for the whole as way of siding her her father's decision of being a villain.

After the flashback, Elizabeth questions her own ideologies and when she asks her father for an answer, Andre insists that Elizabeth is not wrong. Motivated by her loyal Limiter, Elizabeth rises to continue fighting for her beliefs. Regardless of the risks, Andre forces himself to trigger an Omnidirectional Freezing, giving Elizabeth the time to generate her most powerful attack and defeat Charles, insisting that victory belonged to the righteous However, Elizabeth refuses to bask in her victory or even remotely enjoy it. Andre's eyes bleed and he falls. Elizabeth thanks Andre for never giving up and promises to save him.

Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk continue their heated battle with Julia having severed Cassie's arm. Julia remarks that Cassie cannot win based on logic and data that Cassie promises is useless in real combat, something Julia had never experienced. Julia retorts that all Cassie has seen are defeats, but Cassie wonders if all of those defeats will help her change the outcome of this fight. An irritated Julia unleashes her Division Wave but Cassie suddenly appears before an astonished Julia's feat with a new technique, Stigmata Amplification that allowed her Accel to outclass Julia's Mach 3 attacks while barely breaking her initial stance. Julia's overly calculated mind could not comprehend her attacks being evaded, and Cassie prepared to take the German Pandora's arm.

Satellizer, Amelia, and Rana begin their battle with Chiffon who resilence allows her to break Amelia's Volt Weapon when it strikes her body. The girls add more power to their assaults and Chiffon reveals that she is able to generate a gauntlet on both of her arms allowing her to shatter Satellizer's Volt Weapon as well. Rana, however deals Chiffon a massive punch that causes Chiffon to smash her into the ground. When Chiffon threatens to knock out Satellizer as well, the British Pandora asks if Chiffon is a true Pandora or a human. Despite being an odd question to ask in the middle of a battle, Chiffon replies that she is a True Pandora though she does not elaborate on its meaning. Satellizer seems shocked but Chiffon tells her not to deny her instincts. Satellizer is forced to realize that something about Chiffon is truly superior, but she does not back down demonstrated as she activates her Holy Gates. With Satellizer's confidence, Amelia leaves to continue her mission while Rana rises with her Holy Gates activated, promising to bury Chiffon into the ground. Chiffon admits that she has been underestimating her underclassmen and promises to take the battle a more seriously.

Satellizer attacks first and strikes Chiffon's gauntlet with Nova Blood, but it shatters. She looks into Chiffon's closed smiling eyes, believing she'll be her prey, but Rana is burning with confidence. Rana jumps flips and smashes the ground with her feet, trying to strike Chiffon who barely evaded. Chiffon puts up her gauntlets as Rana deals a powerful punch, that nearly knocks the Monster off her feet. Rana buries her fists in Chiffon's face three more times before pushing her Stigmata even further. Rana multiplies her flurry of punches thrusting Chiffon into the wall. Not to be left out, Satellizer performs a 3x Accel-Tempest and forms her blade in both hands, dealing a relentless, rapid series of blows that sends Chiffon crashing through the wall. Rana follows her partner's assault with a Tempest Turn, generating four copies to pound Chiffon even more. When the president is forced onto the ground, Rana plants her fist into Chiffon's face, chest, stomach and legs. Rana makes good on her promise and buries Chiffon with a Quadruple Burning Fang. Rana seems confident in victory, but she and Satellizer are surprised hen they hear Chiffon speak from beneath the rubble. Chiffon's claws burst from the ground and promptly rip off Rana's arms and she crumples to the ground defeated.

Satellizer proceeds to duel Chiffon alone and she is defeated off-panel, Satellizer's head bashed against the wall. Meanwhile, Amelia enters Nova Form while killing a Chevalier Pandora on her way to the Scarlett's lab. In Ohara's office, Amelia's body is starting to weaken but remembering her friends keeps her going. Amelia rummages through Scarlett's belongings looking for her diary but she sees another door she had not noticed. Scarlett stands in another lab lamenting on her abandonment of scientific ethics to execute her goals. She stares at several tubes that contain girls. Amelia barges in to Scarlett's secret lab where she finds Scarlett who has been waiting for her. But not only does Amelia find Scarlett, she also finds her secret experiments: the Type-Maria clones.


This volume contains 8 chapters, covering Part II of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 73
Chapter 073 Cover
Conflict I E-Pandora Project Arc Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, and Amelia Evans continue in their rebellion until they are stopped by Chiffon Fairchild, who promises to crush them.
Charles and Elizabeth continue to battle with Charles assuming new armor when Elizabeth finally gains the upper hand
Chapter 74
Chapter 074 Cover
Conflict II E-Pandora Project Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte; Charles critically wounds Elizabeth.
The story cuts to a flashback where Charles, a poor orphan was adopted by Marks Spencer.
Chapter 75
Chapter 075 Cover
Charles Bonaparte E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Charles reveals the origin and drive of her ethics, but Elizabeth's Limiter André Françoise refuses to be moved by her sad story.
Chapter 76
Chapter 076 Cover
Condition for Victory E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
André risks his life to give Elizabeth the critical opening to finally defeat Charles.
Chapter 77
Chapter 077 Cover
Difference in Experience E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably and Charles leave their battle unresolved with their ethical differences.
Cassie Lockheart surpasses her Quadruple Accel against Julia Munberk deal a critical blow, and Chiffon Fairchild proves to resilient for Satellizer or her teammates to deal any damage.
Chapter 78
Chapter 078 Cover
Monster I E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
A contingent of Chevalier Pandora is seen upon air transport heading toward Alaska Base, along with Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget.
Chapter 79
Chapter 079 Cover
Monster II E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild; Satllizer and Rana engage in a relentless assault against Chiffon, but The Monster of West Genetics will not succumb.
Chapter 80
Chapter 080 Cover
An Unforgivable Existence E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Amelia Evans continues to Scarlett Ohara's lab, neutralizing a Chevalier Pandora by activating stigmata form.<br?Chiffon Fairchild has defeated both Satellizer and Rana.



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