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Volume 10
Freezing vol10
Featured Character Charles Bonaparte
Release date 2011-02-22
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Freezing Volume 10 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.


Jina Purpleton has gone berserk as a Nova Form due to the failure of MARK IV, which she tries to relay to Amelia Evans is a sham. The high-ranking Pandora close in on Jina's location, and Elizabeth Mably fights Jina and nearly kills her until Elizabeth is distracted and defeated. Charles Bonaparte arrives and she demonstrates why she is titled The Young Tempest Phoenix in her battle with Jina. Amelia tries to stop Charles from killing Jina, but Jina keeps fighting until she is killed by Charles. Her resulting death raises protests from Amelia about the senseless loss of her comrade’s life, but Ohara does not publicly sympathize. Elizabeth visits Amelia who plans to volunteer for the next distribution of the Mark IV drug. At Amelia's request, Elizabeth agrees to visit Amelia’s brother should Amelia suffer a similar fate. With Jina's death, Elizabeth shares her doubts with Chiffon Fairchild, who casually brushes them aside while warning Elizabeth of the dangers of treason. Satellizer wants to help, but Elizabeth rejects her. Acting on her beliefs, Elizabeth submits a thorough report to her father about the shady ethics of the E-Pandora project that questions the Chevalier’s actions. The Chevalier tracks the e-mail she sent, and Marks Spencer orders Elizabeth to be electrocuted and her the Maybly family is smeared with scandal.

The final chapter of the volume features a side story describes Arnett McMillan’s early school life at West Genetics where she and Elizabeth become friends.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering Part II of the E-Pandora Project Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 60
Chapter 60
The Cost of Sacrifice II E-Pandora Project Arc Elizabeth Mably is defeated by Jina Purpleton. When Jina staggers to speak the truth about the Mark IV ti Amelia Evans, she is interrupted by the hostile arrival of Charles Bonaparte.
Chapter 61
Chapter 060 Cover
Typhon Tempest E-Pandora Project Arc The fight between Nova Form Jina Purpleton and Charles Bonaparte intensifies but Charles was eventually able to defeat her, killing her in the process, much to Amelia Evans' fury and grief.
Chapter 62
Chapter 62 Cover
Death of a Comrade E-Pandora Project Arc The E-Pandora hold a funeral for Jina Purpleton, which is stopped by Dr. Scarlett Ohara. Amelia attempts to expose Scarlett's lies about the Mark IV, but Scarlett makes it clear that experimentation will continue regardless.
Chapter 63
Chapter 063 Cover
Doubt E-Pandora Project Arc Elizabeth Mably and Amelia Evans share touching conversation.
Elizabeth expresses her doubts about the E-Pandora Project to Chiffon Fairchild, who urges Elizabeth to shelve her doubts.
Chapter 64
Chapter 064 Cover
Resolve E-Pandora Project Arc Elizabeth Mably plans to publicly expose the methods of the Chevalier in the E-Pandora project Elizabeth through her family, but she is discovered by the Chevalier and is punished through means of electrocution.
Chapter 65
Chapter 065 Cover
Impasse E-Pandora Project Arc André Françoise realizes something is amiss when Elizabeth returns in a subdued state and is placed under house arrest for 3 days. On the news the Mably corporation is also implicated, its reputation tarnished by the Chevalier.
Omake Chapter for Volume 10
Chapter 65.5 Cover
Those Who Make The Rules Filler Chapter Side Story -

Starts in the first Carnival for first years, when Elizabeth Mably, Marin Maxwell, Arnett McMillan entered West Genetics, focusing on Elizabeth and Arnett and the aftermath of the Carnival. Ends with the introduction of Chiffon Fairchild, arriving a week late to school, a direct prequel to Freezing: First Chronicles.



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