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Julia Munberk's Limiter
Julia's Limiter
Julia Munberk's Limiter, as he appears in the manga
Personal Status
Affiliations Genetics Germany, (Second-year student)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiroyuki Endo
Image Gallery

The Limiter of Julia Munberk is currently unnamed. He is a second year Limiter from Genetics Germany. As his current title implies, he is the Limiter of Julia Munberk[1].


Absolutely nothing about his background has been revealed, not even his name.


He has light coloured hair but its exact colour as well as the colour of his eyes are unknown. His hair is spiky and points backwards. During his appearance, he is seen wearing the standard Limiter uniform[2].


Not much about his personality has been revealed. He remains silent throughout his appearance similar to his Pandora partner. He is depicted to quite focused and serious and displays the same nearly emotionless facial expression like Julia[3].

In the anime, he displayed emotion once[4].


E-Pandora Rebellion ArcEdit

Main article: E-Pandora Rebellion Arc

Julia forces an E-Pandora through a wall. Julia is then hindered by Satellizer L. Bridget from finishing out the E-Pandora because she has become sympathetic to them. Satellizer and Rana Linchen fight Julia with Kazuya Aoi's help[5].

Kazuya uses his Freezing to immobilize Julia but his Freezing is quickly and easily neutralize by Julia's Limiter who has remained hidden until he needed to reveal himself[6].

The fight goes on with Julia easily gaining the upper hand which forces both Satellizer and Rana to use their Holy Gates[7]. But Cassie Lockheart and Kyoichi Minase arrive and offers to engage Julia and her Limiter their stead[8]. He and Kyoichi do not bother to establish their Freezing Fields[9].

11th Nova Clash ArcEdit

Main article: 11th Nova Clash Arc

With Amelia Evans complete Novafication, two Chevalier Pandora resonate with her and also completely transform into Nova[10]. With the new threat looming, Julia and Cassie cease their fight[11]. They and their Limiters go out to the battlefield and assist the Pandoras and Limiters who were fighting the Nova invading the Alaska Base[12]. Together with Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget, the Type-S Nova is defeated[13].



  • Julia's Limiter is capable of creating a powerful Freezing Field which rivals that of Kazuya. He was able to completely neutralize Kazuya's Freezing with effortless ease[14].


Julia MunberkEdit

Not much is known about their relationship other then she is his Pandora partner[15].


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