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Satellizer L. Bridget and Cassie Lockheart have fought in the main Freezing manga and in the first season Freezing anime


Satellizer L. B.

Satellizer L. Bridget

Cassie Lockheart

Cassie Lockheart

First EncounterEdit

The fight between Satellizer L. Bridget and Cassie Lockheart occurs during their first year at East Genetics in the Cassie Lockheart Arc of Freezing: Zero.

Timeline placementEdit

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Manga versionEdit

When Satellizer prepares to deal the finishing blow, Cassie is paralyzed in fear of Satella's unyielding determination to never lose. However, Satellizer had begun suffering Corrosion effects and collapsed after spewing hot blood on Cassie's face.

Anime versionEdit

Cassie is frozen with fear and indecision, unable to take on Satellizer, leaving it to others at East Genetics to take down the rampaging Satellizer.

Second EncounterEdit

Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Satellizer L. Bridget and Cassie Lockheart occurs during the 10th Nova Clash.

  • Chapters:
  • Episodes: 11, 12


Manga versionEdit

Anime versionEdit

Satellizer, along with Rana Linchen, Kazuya Aoi, Ganessa Roland, and Arthur Crypton are confronted by Cassie who is infected with a Nova's stigmata and she easily defeats Rana and Ganessa. Satellizer engages her eager for a rematch after being defeated by her at East Genetics. Satellizer is at first repelled, but Kazuya tries to get Cassie to snap out of the possession as she begs for Satellizer to get the stigmata off of her chest. Satellizer is then paralysed before being shielded by Ganessa who loses her arm in the process. A furious Satellizer attacks Cassie, but this time her stigmata rate increases and she is able to amputate both of Cassie's arms, but before she can kill her Kazuya hugs her and begs her not to kill Cassie as he doesn't want her to be a murderer.

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