Rana Linchen and Creo Brand have fought in the main Freezing manga and in the first season Freezing anime


Rana L.

Rana Linchen

Creo B.

Creo Brand

First EncounterEdit

Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Rana Linchen and Creo Brand occurs in Episode 7 during the 3rd Year Retaliation Arc.

  • Chapters:
  • Episodes: 7

Battle SynopsisEdit

  • Winner: Rana Linchen

Rana is mad at Attia Simmons for lying to her about Satellizer L. Bridget not caring about Kazuya Aoi, and after Satellizer engages Arnett McMillan, Rana tackles Creo. Creo and Rana both use close range attacks, however Creo being a year above Rana is easily able to defeat her initially, however after Satellizer rises up, Rana follows suit and matches Creo's skill, despite Creo's best efforts Rana defeats her.


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