Mark IV is a drug administered to E-Pandora to enhance their combat capabilities. It is the successor to the Mark III drug. Under its influence, a normal E-Pandora is a match for an original Pandora. The side effects, however, included debilitating pain and eventual partial Nova-fication, as seen in Gina's case.

The drug works by forcing a release of antibody's in proportion to Stigmata activity. However, Mark IV will rapidly lose its stability, losing its boosting effect rapidly, which triggers a 'by the second' aggressive cell division, which results in possible Nova-fication.

The use of Mark IV was a point of controversy among the Chevalier, but was authorized by Marks Spencer, who demanded results that could give confidence to the public.

When the E-Pandora rebelled, they all took the drug willingly to give them an edge over the Chevalier in their breakout.

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