"I'm not satisfied with my victory either."
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Luke Evans
Luke, as he appears in Freezing: Zero.
Age Unknown
Nationality British
Personal Status
Relatives Amelia Evans (older sister)
Affiliations None
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese None
English None
Image Gallery

Luke Evans is the younger brother of former E-Pandora Amelia Evans.


Luke lived alone with his sister in England. Luke is pre-teen who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and is the reason why their mother left them. He saw how much his sister suffered for his sake, and thus strove to repay her for all her hard work and liberate her from her constricting fate.


Luke has the same red hair and dark brown eyes as his sister. He was in his pre-teen years during Freezing: Zero, when he could still manage to walk. By the time of Freezing, he's confined to a wheelchair.


Luke silently hates himself, as he blames himself for his mother abandoning him and for Amelia's apparent inability to live her own life. Thus he is focused on his studies in order to get into a good school, get a high-paying job after graduation and thus lift Amelia's burden once and for all.


Freezing: ZeroEdit

Main article: Freezing: Zero

Luke watches a new report about the 9th Nova Clash with Amelia Evans. When Amelia returns home after her work, the siblings eat dinner and discuss various items; consisting of Luke's plan of entering Eaton School, their mother's abandonment of them and how Amelia is unable to live her own life because she is always taking care of him. But Amelia immediately shoots down what he said about the latter.

Luke later passes his entrance exam. But due to only ranking second, he is not given a scholarship. With his enrolment fee being the prime concern, Amelia sets off to several banks for a loan but is turned down at each one.


Main article: Freezing (manga)

Luke is confined to a wheelchair as his disease progresses and worsens. He is constantly remembered by Amelia while she is participating in the E-Pandora Project.


Amelia EvansEdit

Amelia is his older sister, the only relative who has stood by him after his parents abandoned the both of them. Amelia deeply cares for him. Luke plans to repay Amelia for all she's done for him by graduating and finding a job that pays well.



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