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The Illusion Turn (イリュージョンターン, Iryūjontān), is a unique High End Skill developed by Chiffon Fairchild, before she enrolled in West Genetics. It is a special technique that allows the user to "vanish." An after-image often forms in the user's previous location. She is first seen employing it during the Summer Carnival of 2063, where she atrociously decimated fifty other Pandora's in a row before finally "succumbing" to Ticy Phenyl.

Her Limiter, Eugene, admitted the skill was never meant to be used by Pandoras, but was developed so Chiffon could fight effectively when she assumed her true form, which she did when she fought the Nova-fied Amelia in the 11th Nova Clash.


Chiffons variantEdit

Illusion turn

Chiffon using Illusion Turn

As the original creator, Chiffon employed the first, and so far, strongest variant of the Illusion Turn. When using it, Chiffon sometimes leaves an after-image and a releases a powerful shockwave. In addition, she can make tangible Tempest Turn-like copies of herself.

Ticy's variantEdit

Ticy illusion turn

Ticy using Illusion Turn

After Chiffon's death, Ticy utilized her own version of Illusion Turn for the first time to defeat Arnett in their duel for the president's office vacated by Chiffon. Ticy tends to use her technique in evasive manoeuvres to move around the battlefield. She ultimately gets behind her opponent and strikes. Unlike Chiffon's, Ticy's variant does not leave an after-image.

Su-Na's variantEdit

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Notable Illusion UsersEdit

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  • The Pandora-Type Nova utilize a completely silent variation of the Illusion Turn that does not leave an after image.


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