"I just want to know if this project... Will be a failure or a success."

Howard L. Bridget to Gengo Aoi in "Freezing Part II"

Howard L. Bridget
Howard El
Howard L. Bridget, as he appears in the manga.
Kana ハワード=エル=ブリジット
Romaji Hawādo eru Burijitto
Age 61
Nationality British
Personal Status
Relatives Olivia L. Bridget (Wife)
Violet L. Bridget (Eldest daughter)
Louis L. Bridget (son)
Satellizer L. Bridget (Illegitimate daughter)
Affiliations L. Bridget family (Patriarch)

Chevalier (Top-financier)

Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Ryuzaburo Otomo
English John Swasey
Image Gallery

Howard L. Bridget is the current the head of the L. Bridget family and one of the head-staff of the Chevalier.


Howard L. Bridget is the husband of Olivia L. Bridget. He is the father of Violet L. Bridget and Louis L. Bridget by his lawful wife and Satellizer L. Bridget by his mistress, Noelle Alongrutch.

In 2022, Howard was already the head of the L. Bridget Family and a very powerful man at the age of eighteen. After discussing possible super-soldier projects with Gengo Aoi, Howard decided to fund the Pandora Project. He and Olivia were already dating at the time. How and when he met Noelle has not been revealed. 

Satellizer reveals that Howard was the reason she became a Pandora[1], and was responsible for having six of Kazuha Aoi's Heroic Stigmata implanted into Satellizer despite her low compatibility rate[2]. Howard is also revealed to have secretly funded both the E-Pandora Project and the Valkyrie Project.

He is also responsible for his son, Louis L. Bridget's enrollment into UK Genetics. It's also revealed that he simply dropped Louis off at the airport and told to enroll, also informing he would be a student, nothing more[3].


Like all the members of the L. Bridget Family, Howard has blond hair. He bore a strong resemblance to his son, Louis, in his youth. In his current age, he has full facial hair and is middle-aged.


Howard is a very intimidating man and is quite professional when dealing with members of the Chevalier and particularly, Gengo Aoi. As a powerful business man, he does everything he can to make sure that his deals and investments will turn out for the best. As hinted at by Louis, Howard is no different from most members of the Chevalier, and believes that the ends justify the means. 

In his younger days, he displayed a level of arrogance and disrespect.

At a personal level, not much has been revealed about him. His relationship with his wife or mistress is still unclear but he does seem to get along with Olivia. However, he does care for his children and asks about them. He also does not take lightly any threat that comes to them as shown when he had Satellizer looked after from behind the scenes when she was at the Alaska Base. It is implied that Howard's involvement in the downfall of the E-Pandora Project was solely due to the danger the project had placed Satellizer in.


E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

Main article: E-Pandora Project Arc

Howard is with his wife, Olivia, in the L Bridget Mansion. Sitting before a fire, his wife offers him some exotic tea. He asks Olivia purely out of the blue about the well being of his children. Olivia immediately answers that both Violet and Louis are doing well. Howard follows up by asking about Satellizer. This would later prompt Olivia to call her stepdaughter.

Later on in his office, his assistant gives him word of the Mably Family's near collapse and is given the advice of pulling Satellizer out of the project. Instead, he simply ordered for Satellizer to be watched over for the time being.

E-Pandora Rebellion ArcEdit

Main article: E-Pandora Rebellion Arc

When Howard hears new of a possible rebellion taking place at the Alaska Base he quickly takes action. Concerned for Satellizer, he sends an investigation team with Gengo, Su-Na Lee, Louis and Holly Rose as notable members.

11th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 11th Nova Clash

When Louis and Holly detain Marks Spencer, they mention indirectly to the Chevalier Under-Secretary that Howard was no different than him and only went against him for the sake of Satellizer.

As chaos reigns in the Alaska Base, he orders his assistant to call Gengo immediately. He is informed that Gengo is currently unavailable which causes him to lose his cool and yells that he does not want to see his daughter killed.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

Main article: Valkyrie Introduction Arc 
Gengo and Howard-el-Bridget

Howard and Gengo discussing the failure of E-Pandora Project

At the Chevalier headquarters, Howard and Gengo discuss the failure of the E-Pandora Project and the upcoming Valkyrie Project. Howard then shifts the discussion towards Gengo's grandson. He urges Gengo to have Kazuya be baptised but to a different Pandora as he does not wish Satellizer to be partnered with Kazuya. When Gengo mockingly answers that he does not want Kazuya to be partnered with a blonde foreigner, Howard loses his temper and storms off.



Louis L. BridgetEdit

Louis L. Bridget is the only son of Howard. How he treats Louis is yet to be revealed since Howard has never been seen interacting with any of his children. It is likely that he does not know of what Louis has done to Satellizer in the past.

Violet L. BridgetEdit

Violet is the eldest daughter of Howard. It is unclear how he treats her exactly but Violet seems to hold no kind of ill-feelings towards him. She, too, has never been seen interacting with Howard.

Satellizer L. BridgetEdit

Satellizer is the youngest daughter of Howard. He cares deeply for her just as he does for his other children. Howard used his power to have six Heroic Stigmata implanted into her. Like most of the L. Bridget siblings, she has never been seen interacting with Howard.

Olivia L. BridgetEdit

They appear to have known each other since they were young adults. It in unclear how Olivia acted towards him when Howard's infidelity was revealed. But they seem to be in good terms and must have reconciled.

Noelle AlongrutchEdit

Noelle is Howard's mistress. Little is known as to how they met. Being his mistress, Howard may have not held her as high regards as he holds his wife or Stella.


Gengo AoiEdit

Howard and Gengo have known each other for over three decades and have often worked closely in regards to the Pandora Project. The two work well enough together, and Gengo comments that Howard is the only person he ever met who could keep up with him. Howard appears to be a powerful ally of Gengo's within the Chevalier organization.


References Edit

  1. Freezing Manga; Chapter 37
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