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Freezing Vibration OVA 2
Air Date January 27, 2014
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Scarlett O'Hara offers Charles a procedure that will amplify her power, while making her breasts bigger. Charles agrees, but covers up in embarrassment. Later Roxanne, Elizabeth, Rana, Satellizer, and Chiffon are seen at the pool. Roxanne yells out at Charles's sudden endowment. Charles then approaches the girls with her enlarged breasts jiggling. Rana Linchen points out that this doesn't happen overnight as Elizabeth Mably points out that only Roxanne Elipton and Satellizer L. Bridget have bigger breasts than her. Elizabeth then reaches into Satellizer's top and gropes her. Satellizer begs Elizabeth to stop groping her and says that she is the Untouchable Queen. Chiffon Fairchild angrily turns away as Rana questions how Charles's breasts have engorged. Charles then presents to the girls the Mk. 40 A.K.A The Enlarger. Ohara realizes the situation and yells that the girls need to read the instructions on how to use the device. She is too late though and finds the girls with the exception of Satellizer having used it already, lying on the ground exhausted and breathing heavily. Ohara points out that misuse of the device could be harmful. Satellizer shields her eyes and says that she didn't get to use it.


  • Chiffon Fairchild appears in this OVA despite being deceased before this. Note that the OVAs are not canon to the main storyline so this is technically not an error.
  • This is the first OVA of both seasons where Satellizer L. Bridget is not seen nude. In fact, none of the girls (with the exception of Elizabeth Mably who is a frequent skinny dipper) were seen nude in this OVA.
  • This is the first OVA of both seasons where Kazuya Aoi is absent making Satellizer the only character to appear in every OVA thus far.
  • The Mk. 40 resembles a vibrator, which is why it was blacked out.
  • Elizabeth stated that after the procedure, Charles' breasts were as big as Satella's and Roxanne's being bigger then her own.

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