「フリージング」COLOR / 君を守りたい
「フリージング」COLOR - 君を守りたい
Product Info
Released 23 February, 2011
Length 22:34
Label Media Factory
Producer Masaru Yokoyama

Freezing : COLOUR / Kimi O Mamoritai (Kana:「フリージング」COLOUR / 君を守りたい ; Romaji: Kimi wo Mamoritai) is a CD compilation single from the first season of the Freezing anime series. It contains the opening theme song, the ending theme song and four song tracks with six tracks from the season in total.

  • Catalogue no. : ZMCZ-7059
  • Release date: 2011-02-23

The opening theme was performed by MARiA, and is called COLOR. This was a cover of the Hatsune Miku song of the same name.[1] The ending theme was performed by Kobayashi Aika (小林愛香), and is called Kimi Wo Mamoritai (君を守りたい (To Protect You). This was Aika Kobayashi's debut single aged 17. The main and sub background themes, Sentou-Ichi (戦闘-I) and Sentou-Ni (戦闘-II), were by Yokoyama Masaru (横山克).

  • Opening Theme: "COLOR" by MARiA
    • Vocalist: MARiA
    • Composition: TokuP
    • Lyrics: A.I.
    • Arrangement: TokuP
  • Ending Theme: "Kimi wo Mamoritai" (君を守りたい "To Protect You") by Aika Kobayashi
    • Vocalist: Aika Kobayashi
    • Composition: YOW-ROW
    • Lyrics: Freezing Project
    • Arrangement: YOW-ROW
No. Title Artist Length
1 COLOR Yokoyama Masaru 3:59
2 君を守りたい Aika Kobayashi 3:53
3 メインテーマ・戦闘-I (BGM) Yokoyama Masaru 2:34
4 サブテーマ・戦闘-II (BGM) Yokoyama Masaru 4:18
5 COLOR (Instrumental) MARiA 3:59
6 君を守りたい (Instrumental) Aika Kobayashi 3:51


【CM】 Freezing OP&ED theme - Maxi TV-spot00:18

【CM】 Freezing OP&ED theme - Maxi TV-spot

Freezing OP&ED CM TV spot

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References Edit

  1. ATWiki | Color by Hatsune Miku (Japanese)

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