The Exit Revenant Arc takes place not long after the conclusion of the 13th Nova Clash. It focuses on Kazuya Aoi coming to terms with and accepting his duty to mankind, as well as Gengo's attempt to finally confront the Nova in their home dimension. At the same time, Gengo must contend with Radox and the Chevalier, who remain determined to kill him at all costs.

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A Project Derailed Edit

Gengo Aoi, in an attempt to better combat the Nova, has gathered numerous elite forces to West Genetics. With his army secured, he plans to study the half-deciphered message of Maria Lancelot in order to understand how humanity might survive the Nova's attempts at genocide.

Utilizing his grandson Kazuya, after some argument, and Soul Power of Cassandra, Windy May, Teslad, and Arcadia Aoi being used as a catalyst, Gengo attempts to link Kazuya to Maria and the other dimension. To his surprise, the project almost immediately goes haywire, with Maria herself intervening and joyfully embracing her grandson. Before Gengo could take action, Maria spirited Kazuya and Arcadia to another dimension where more Transcendent Beings could be located.

Meanwhile, a spy in Gengo's forces reports to Radox Phantomheim that Gengo's forces appear to be in disarray.

The New World Edit

Kazuya is found by one of the dimension's natives, who is revealed to be a woman with abilities similar to a much more advanced Pandora. While they are unable to communicate initially, the woman seems more curious than hostile as to Kazuya's presence. A Nova attack leads to a miscommunication between them, with the woman attempting to obliterate the human before his Freezing halts her. With communication established, the woman proceeds to take Kazuya into the realm of her people.

The Chevalier's AttackEdit

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Story ArcEdit

The Exit Revenant is an arc that originates in the Freezing Manga. It is the first story arc of Part 3 of the main series. It is an ongoing arc that begins at chapter 202 and follows directly after the 13th Nova Clash and the awakening of Arcadia Aoi.

Chapter Title Publication History Summary
Chapter 202 Mother Volume 29 Gengo and Margaret consider their options. Scarlett ruminates on her situation. Kazuya comes to terms with his existence thanks to Satellizer's help.
Chapter 203 A New Door Volume 30 Gengo and his allies prepare for humanity's final gamble. Yu-Mi struggles against the reality of her situation. Kazuya and Satellizer grow even closer.
Chapter 204 Their Decisions Volume 30 Platoon 13 must make a choice. Su-Na stands resolved while Yu-Mi falters. Gengo reveals his final plan. Kazuya strugges with the weight of his duty.
Chapter 205 He Who Accepts Fate Volume 30 Kazuya confronts Satellizer about his power, and meets with Gengo Aoi about his latest project.
Chapter 206 Unknown World I Volume 30 Kazuya explores the new world, confronting old enemies and familiar faces.
Chapter 207 Unknown World II Volume 30 Kazuya learns a hard lesson while Satellizer searches for her love. Gengo remains hopeful while Radox prepares to strike.
Chapter 208 Rounds Volume 31
Chapter 209 Stone Statues of Lamentation Volume 31
Chapter 210 Maria Volume 31
Chapter 211 Circle of Knots Volume 31
Chapter 212 Volume 32
Chapter 213 Volume 32
Chapter 214 Volume 32
Chapter 215 Volume 32


  • The arc is named for Gengo's experiment which aims to enable Kazuya to attain the full might of Maria Lancelot's wisdom.


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