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Elize Schmitz
Elize S.
Elize Schmitz, as she appears in the anime
Kana エリズ=シュミッツ
Romaji Erizu Shumittsu
Age 23
Nationality German
Height 175 cm
(5 feet 9 inches)
Weight 60 kg
(132 lbs)
Measurements 73-55-82
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Billiards
Favourite Food Steak
Weak Point Back
Personal Status
Affiliations West Genetics (School doctor)
Numbers (former member)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Fumie Mizusawa
English Kelly McHalen
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Elize Schmitz is a doctor stationed at West Genetics and a former member of the Numbers unit.


A German doctor, Pandora, and veteran of the 8th Nova Clash, who fought alongside Kazuha and Yu-Mi. She now works at West Genetics, having been stationed there since 2062, and is responsible for healing the Pandora when they are injured in combat.


Elize is a tall woman with short green hair that reaches her neck, accompanied with dark eyes. Her hair comes down onto her face in several bangs, and a pony-tail tied up in the back. Known for her height as a Pandora, Elize is the tallest woman recorded throughout the series.

Her usual outfit consists of a white lab coat over a lavender, long-sleeved, button-down shirt, a dark brown skirt, light brown stockings and light brown boots. Unlike her partner Yu-Mi who is known for her splendid curves, Elize is not as buxom and has the second smallest bust size shown so far throughout the series, after Attia Simmons.


During her student days in West Genetics, Elize was known to be a very laid-back person in comparison to her close friend Yu-Mi; who was mostly always serious. She was shown doing things such as sleeping in late when she had classes and, much like many Pandora's throughout the series, she has shown a consistency for liking to feeling other women's breasts (as seen when she grabbed Yu-Mi's breasts in the shower). She is defined as being very level-headed and calm, usually keeping a relatively cool head even when situations are dire. She was also very caring and understanding, occasionally giving words of wisdom to those who need it, such as when she had told Yu-Mi that she was wrong for hitting Kazuha after the girls victory in the Pandora Festival. Following her laid-back behaviour she seems to like to take a 'back-seat' in most situations, such as that she usually doesn't have much to say whenever her partner Yu-Mi or other Pandora's would do something brash unless its completely necessary for her to.

As years have passed, Elize has not changed that much since her days as a student at West Genetics. Her laid-back behaviour has seem to become less so, but regardless she still displays a level of level-headed and calmness that she had.


Freezing: Pair Love Stories Edit

Main article: Freezing: Pair Love Stories

Elize was first shown after Yu-Mi arrived at her doorstep with some underclothing that had been accidentally been given to the Yu-Mi instead of Elize. After giving these items to Elize and retrieving her own, the two girls exchanged scathing remarks which led to a brawl between the two. The two were shown as heated rivals, with Yu-Mi holding the position of first in her year and Elize holding second. Elize constantly schemed to overcome Yu-Mi, assembling a battle list for the next Carnival and declaring her intent to overcome Yu-Mi with a near psychotic zeal.

This rivalry would come to a boiling point when Elize began attempting to partner with Max Hemilton, a Limiter Yu-Mi had her eye on. With both girls fully prepared to fight over this Shion Nayfield stepped in and told them to resolve their differences in a different way: contests.

These contests ranged from swimming, chess, eating, limbo, and an endurance contest to see which girl could stay in a sauna the longest. With both girls gaining victories they decided to settle things with their old and favored route of violence. Before the two could engage one another, Max stepped in and revealed that he was actually interested in Shion.

Feeling foolish, both Pandora collapsed on to the grass and slowly admitted that they had originally begun their rivalry over ridiculous reasons, and they bonded over the fact that had both been dropped by the same boy.

They were later shown as being friendly rivals, albeit they still had an ongoing argument between them.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Kazuha Aoi ArcEdit

Main article: Kazuha Aoi Arc

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Freezing: Pair Love StoriesEdit

Main article: Freezing: Pair Love Stories

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Introductory ArcEdit

Main article: Introductory Arc

Elize is introduced, for the first time, stopping the fight of Ganessa Roland and Satellizer L. Bridget, along with Yu-Mi Kim. She is later seen sneaking up on Yu-Mi bringing her coffee. She then states, more or less, about Kazuya being Kazuha's brother, reminiscing about the old days.

3rd Year Punishment ArcEdit

Main article: 3rd Year Punishment Arc

She is first seen rushing Miyabi to the emergency room, while talking to Yu-mi asking if she was really looking after the students. She then rushes into the operating room ready for surgery.

10th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 10th Nova Clash

She along with her cohorts is informed about the attack by the Novas on West Genetics. She and her fellow Pandora's manage take out three of the Novas but were unable to catch the fourth one, as it made its way into the Ravensbourne Nucleotide.

Student Presidency Duel ArcEdit

Main article: Student Presidency Duel Arc

She is seen with Yu-Mi watching the news of the E-Pandora scandal. She then comments that Scarlet Ohara and Mark Spencer are just scape goats, and then comments that the Chevaliers' reputation will be permanently damaged after this scandal.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

Main article: Valkyrie Introduction Arc

She is first seen enjoying the sun when Yu-Mi interrupts her to help her out with the papers about the new Valkyrie Project, named after the Norse mythology maidens. She is later seen talking with Yu-Mi about the project stating that although they need generator to fight against the Nova they are still very skilled fighters, having went through intensive training to be part of the 1st Valkyrie regiment.

12th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 12th Nova Clash

She is seen watching a monitor along with other spectators watching the joint exercise with great anticipation on how well the Valkyries will do. She then perceives that the Pandora vital signs are unstable, after the dummy Novas start going out of control.

Busters ArcEdit

Main article: Busters Arc

Elize attends Sister Margaret's debriefing of the student body following the 12th Nova Clash, accompanied by Yu-Mi. Afterwards, the two teachers discuss the student's doubt about secrets being kept from them. Elize believes that they will need a solid plan soon and Yu-Mi replies that no one is capable of making one.


In her younger days, Elize was a well-known Pandora famous for her fighting style that revolved around her speed and use of tactics. She was the #2 ranked Pandora in her class. Her Volt Weapon"Doppelgänger" (ドッペルゲンガー, Dopperugengā), are a pair of twin daggers.


Yu-Mi Kim Yu-Mi and Elize fought together in the 8th Nova Clash along with Kazuha as part of the elite Numbers unit. They are very close colleagues and are often seen talking together. Elize seem to have a very high level of respect and care for Yu-Mi as a colleague, formerly usually announcing her title as "Yu-Mi the Gorilla" both as a tease and some form of admiration.

Kazuha AoiEdit

As former members of the Numbers, prior to Kazuha's death, Elize and Kazuha have been shown to have a very close knit relationship. This because of the fact that considering how similar they are personality wise (both being laid-back), the two have a mutual understanding for one another unlike Yu-Mi who was mostly always serious.


  • Elize is the first German Pandora introduced in the series.
  • Elize is the tallest Pandora introduced in the series so far.
  • Elize has the third smallest bust size in the series, next to Attia Simmons and Charles Bonaparte.

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