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"I'm not satisfied with my victory either."
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Cynthia Ruth
Cynthia Ruth, as she appears in the manga.
Kana シンシア ルース
Romaji Shinshia Rūsu
Nationality English
Personal Status
Affiliations Chevalier
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Image Gallery

Cynthia Ruth is a Pandora from the Chevalier, although she usually prefers to stay at down low and not reveal her identity as Pandora. She attend studies at Genetics America alongside her friend Kate.


She spent the four years at the Genetics America, becoming a Pandora in duty of the Chevalier after getting her graduation.


She has long blonde hair, normally using twin tails with them, reaching down to her hips.


Almost nothing is know about her personality. Although, she seems to be a cheerful, kind and friendly person.


Arnett McMillan ArcEdit

Main article: Arnett McMillan Arc

To be added


Arnett McMillanEdit

Cynthia usually calls her a brat alongside Kate.

Keith McMillanEdit

Keith McMillan offered a ride to both Cynthia and Kate.


Kate is Cynthia's best friend.



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