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"We have at long last overcome the Transcendent Will!"

Gengo Aoi speaking to Margaret Lindman and Scarlett Ohara

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Volume 30, Chapter 209
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TBD is the two-hundred and ninth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 31, and the tenth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Coming soon

Event NotesEdit

  • Isabella Lucas has her arm restored and officially re-instated as a member of the Chevalier as a First Lieutenant
  • The Chevalier Pandora are upgraded with Plasma Suits
  • Radox Phantomheim enlists the European and Asian Chevalier forces to fight the war against Gengo Aoi and West Genetics
  • Gengo Aoi realizes the leak of intelligence of his inner circle
  • Gengo begins to alert his base of the impending war

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