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Baptism is a ceremony in which a Pandora officially acknowledges a Limiter as her bond-partner. The ceremony entails a Pandora removing one of her Stigmata and re-implanting it into the Limiter to create the bond known as an Ereinbar Set, which allows the Limiter to use Freezing. This is usually done in the form of a First Room Invitation (初部屋入り ; Hatsu Heya-iri), where a Pandora invites her chosen Limiter to her room to perform it.


The Baptism ceremony has likely existed since the first introduction of Limiters, in 2053. A Pandora usually waits until her second-year to peform a Baptism, to ensure her Stigmata have matured sufficiently. A Limiter is usually one year younger than his partner.

A Baptism usually only takes place between two individuals, but this is not always the case. It is possible for a Pandora with a large number of Stigmata to Baptise with multiple Limiters at the same time, enabling all of them to use Freezing. 


  • "Baptism" is also the name of the Christian sacrament of admission and adoption, where an individual is recognized as a member of the Church.

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