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"I'm not satisfied with my victory either."
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Aureriel Fairchild
Aureriel Fairchild
Aureriel Fairchild, as she appears in the manga.
Kana オレリー フェアチャイルド
Romaji Orerī Feachairudo
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Voice Actor
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Aureriel Fairchild (d.2023) was a young girl and friend of Chiffon Fairchild.


In 2023, Aureriel was a popular singer in a restaurant, and was admired for her beauty and singing talent. She appeared to be terminally ill. 


Aureriel was shown to be a young woman with shoulder length light brown hair that framed her face, the bangs hanging just above her eyes. She had a rather striking physique, graced by a simple dress held up by two thin straps.


Aureriel was an upbeat and cheerful girl, despite the turbulent time she lived in. She was usually seen with a smile, and taught Chiffon the value of smiling. 


Freezing: ZeroEdit

Lab 13 ArcEdit

Main article: Lab 13 Arc
Auriel death

Aureriel is assassinated by a sniper.

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Freezing: First ChronicleEdit

Main article: Freezing First Chronicle

As Chiffon goes on her rampage during the Summer Carnival, a distant memory of Aureriel appears, saying she'd always be happy if she kept smiling.


11th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 11th Nova Clash

She appears in Chiffon's flashback, sitting on a the edge of a fountain. She tells her friend that no matter how hard life got, if she'd just keep smiling, she'd find happiness. In her final moments, Chiffon admitted that Aureriel had been right.


Chiffon FairchildEdit

Aureriel first met Chiffon after the latter had fled from Lab 13. She took her in and nursed her back to health. The two would go on to develop a friendship, with Aureriel's words influencing Chiffon for many years, long after the former's death. Aureriel was the one who gave Chiffon her signature ribbon, and Chiffon took her surname upon her enrollment to West Genetics.

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