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"I'm not satisfied with my victory either."
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Aureriel Fairchild
Aureriel Fairchild
Aureriel Fairchild, as she appears in the manga.
Romaji Aureriel Feachairudo
Personal Status
Status Deceased (presumed)
Voice Actor

Aureriel Fairchild is a young girl who only appears in Chiffon's memories.


Practically nothing is known of Aureriel's background.


In her only appearance in the manga, she's shown to be in her early to mid-teens, with shoulder length light brown hair that framed her face, the bangs hanging just above her eyes. She had a rather striking physique for her age, graced by a simple dress held up by two thin straps.


She's an upbeat girl, despite the tense environment wrought by the threat of the Novas.


Freezing: First ChronicleEdit

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As Chiffon goes on her rampage during the Summer Carnival, a distant memory of Aureriel appears, saying she'd always be happy if she kept smiling.

11th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 11th Nova Clash

She appears in Chiffon's flashback, sitting on a the edge of a fountain. She tells her sibling that no matter how hard life got, if she'd just keep smiling, she'd find happiness. In her final moments, Chiffon told her she was probably right.


Chiffon FairchildEdit

Her older relative, whom she always told to keep smiling. However its unknown if she was Chiffon's real sister, this because Chiffon presumably was created in Lab 13 and there is no mention of Aureriel among Lab 13's sisters.


  • Originally assumed to be her mother, the picture of Chiffon in Gengo Aoi's photo album looks more similar to what was assumed to be Aureriel, all the way down to her attire and somber expression.


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